Champagne All Rounder Inflatable Paddle Board

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Champagne All Rounder Inflatable Paddle Board

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Champagne All-round Paddle Board is a Premium inflatable paddle board with amazing agility, stability and control on the water and unforgettable experience. Comes complete with a carry bag, pump & a repair kit. Hit the water and make a few people jealous along the way!


    Waimea Bay Rigid means perfect in the water world, it means we transformed the paddle board industry as a whole and designed our boards in considering the experiences of water goers, experts, content creators, and between hardshell boards, and boards of the past. For example, most low end boards: pump to 1-8 psi, and use glue designs, and have zero armor on the boards.The highest end boards: pump to 20 psi, have multi textured non-slip decks, floating paddles, heat welded side rail armor, the board leash, strap, and lifted nose rockers. And that's exactly what Waimea Bay Rigidity means, we stand firm by all water goers, and built all of those features into our boards; for you.


    Action Camera Mount built into Premium boards. Premium and accessorized means perfect engineering + all of the accessories and all of the features of all of our boards. Rear and front bungee nets, multiple D-rings, removable fins, preium dry-carry bag + the Waimea bay branded carry bag. Included adjustable paddles, which float by the way, securing strap + additional storage in front and rear bungee nets. Premium leash is also included, making it the perfect companion to take with you, and ride the waters with you. Being able to pump up a paddle board to 20 psi is another a high end exclusive feature, yet all of our boards are made that way for exceptional control and rigidity. We heat welded reinforced armor rails and a second layer of armor rails on the sides of the board so that you can launch right into and adventure with all the accesssories we have to offer to go with you. Customized, fully loaded, and upgraded in every way.


    But first, you could capture is all on video, just attach your camera to the board if you like because the action mount is built right into the board. We transformed all the inflatable paddle board worries into the best paddle board on the market and in the water. WIth inflatable boards, something that's often overlooked is the general worry of the experience as a whole. For example, board strength, durability, performance and protection, however we transformed all of that into the modern paddle board; by Waimea Bay. With the strength of a hardshell board, and the weight of just the air, yourself(s) and the elements, Waimea Boards gives you an advantage over the hardshell boards in that way. For example, try putting a hardshell paddle board into your backpack. But not all boards come with a carrying bag, or with the leash, strap, and not all paddles float in the water. But when we say, perfect engineering, companion and accessories, that means taking in all of the considerations for your water traversing experiences and bringing to you Waimea Bay premium boards. So for any of the nuances your adventure may have to offer you, you can transform into the Paddle Boarder in 300 seconds; the pump is included.


    Action camera mount, multiple D rings, front and rear storage. Top of the line, heat welded, high performing, and armored; with boosted 20 psi capacity and reinforced vinyl, pvc, and drop stitch fibering. Lifted rocker or "rockered" nose for gliding and paddling performance. Specialized curvature in the noses and tails, upgraded pvc layers and reinforced left and right wall rails + second layer of rail walls as the paddle board protection we will always be grateful for. Leash, Strap, Repair kit, Multi-layered non-slip deck, + repair kit , Waimea Bay Branded storage bag + additional dry-carrying bag. Waimea Bay paddle boards will keep up with you and yours, and you can keep all the times and adventures in memories.


    We stand by you, and the engineering quality of all of our boards. This is the complete all in one kit and Waimea Boards are the best in the market and on the water.