About Us

Similar to a marble run in concept, SpaceRail takes it to a new level. SpaceRail is both educational and fun. It is a game that builds creativity, skill, persistence, and more. Playing with Spacerails consists of building a track that can be utilized to work as a marble roller coaster. 

You may remember a similar line of toys from long ago called SpaceWarp. SpaceRail is the updated version of that classic toy. Now we carry 14 different levels ranging from a simple design and a build time of approximately 1 hour to the dizzying Level 9.1 which has multiple paths loops and stunts. It can take up to 60 hours to build a complicated set like this.

At SpaceRail, we are always looking to improve and love hearing of ideas and tips from our fans. You can design your own set and really let the creative juices flow. Send us any pictures of your own builds, we would love to see them!