About Us

We are Seaich Corporation. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah and established way back in 1929 as a souvenir store, now we are a manufacturer, importer and distributor for big box retailers & direct to customers - ecommerce shopping for Home Goods, Backyard & Outdoor Recreational Items, Clothing, Toys, Jewelry, Cosmetics & other Accessories. Our branding, look and product lines have changed many times over the past 100 years, but our philosophy and mission stayed the same.

From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to grow and establish a rich network of satisfied clients and business partners.
We wanted to establish a trustworthy corporation that will be a trendsetter and a leader in its branch.
Now, almost 100 years later, when we sit back and reflect, we can proudly say we

Seaich did just that!

And we have a long, long list of testimonials, clients, business partners to prove our words.

Our beginnings, although humble, were promising and encouraged us to strive for more and give our best to be leaders in what we do. This journey was hard and long, but at the same time inspiring and we wouldn’t change a single thing! Because that’s how Seaich became what it is today - a trendsetter, a leader and a mentor.

We started small - selling postcards and souvenirs at tourist gift shops and airports. Then developed from small trinkets into jewelry, purses and handbags as we created our first brand of products called Donna Bella Designs. Always striving to get ahead of the curve, we anticipate the needs of consumers. We carefully listen to your needs, observe the trends and then deliver - that’s a part of the reason how we managed to get to the top and stay there.

In the late 2000's Spacerails and Mucky Wear were started. Spacerails became an instant hit as a STEM toy that challenged all ages, even NASA engineers. Mucky Wear started as a simple line of children's rain boots with 26 different patterns - colorful and vibrant patterns that were carefully designed to fit the latest fashion trends, but also to be timeless.

Last decade was very busy and fruitful for Seaich. We redesigned existing product lines and introduced many novelties. We have revamped our Spacerail brand and dramatically improved instructions. Mucky Wear line has also grown and now includes coats and umbrellas so children can have a cool matching set. Seaich dramatically expanded its line of products, so whatever you are looking for - look no further, we have it… With offices in Guangzhou and Shanghai China and affiliates in New Delhi, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand, Seaich has a nationwide network of sales reps to serve the needs of our clients and business partners.


We listen to the needs of store managers and act quickly to fulfill any of their requests. Seaich has a long history of providing consumer goods to retailers that have a demand for them. That’s why we introduced WAIMEA BAY
- our flagship line of inflatable kayaks and paddle boards
- unlike anything you’ve seen on the market. These rigid inflatables have incredible patterns and features that will make your kayaking experience even more enjoyable. Bungee nets, GoPro holders, D-rings, fishing pole holders, cup holders, battery powered motors and strap down coolers… Additional features you didn’t even know you needed that will actually improve your water adventures. That’s why Seaich always offers more than its competitors
- we constantly look for innovations and ways to improve your indoor or outdoor adventures and to open you towards new hobbies and experiences. Speaking of hobbies, summer is the right time to have fun!
Seaich has an incredible line of inflatable above-ground pools, hot tubs, swimming arms and tubes, sprinklers…
A wide range of products that will bring sandy beach vibes right into your backyard.

Our Vision

For true adventurers and wild souls, Seaich offers specially designed bikes - standard, foldable, kids, mountain bikes - with extra features that will turn you into a real biking enthusiast.

Our Winter line includes snow sleds, tubes and an assortment of snow shovels.

One thing is for sure. Seaich products are designed to make you spend much more time outside, with friends and family, socializing and being physically active. So not only will you have the best time, but also you will be healthier and happier. Speaking of health, Seaich has a line of natural Korean cosmetics - Meskin, made from pure Aloe Vera juice, a bioactive ingredient that will make your skin glow. See? We were serious when we told you we have almost everything you need: kayaks, umbrellas, 92% Aloe Vera serum, and everything in between.

Browse through our product lines and see the difference in styles, designs and quality of everything we make and sell.