Adjustable Padded Seat Back and Seat Pad for Comfort
Constructed of UV-Protected High-Density Polyethylene
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Inflatable Pedal Fish SUP Air (Grey)

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• HIGHLIGHTS Multi textured, Non-slip deck pad. Heat welded double pvc-layer. Adjustable strap, build in grab handle, removable fins, storage backpack, leash, hand pump, repair kit. Cup holders, fishing pole holders, carrying backpack, reinforced V-shaped under bow and more. • WAIMEA STRENGTH AND SPEED 8-12 PSI That means our kayaks are top of the line, while other kayaks only pump up to 1 or 2 psi. That's because we built these with "Drop-stitch x2 PVC layer construction." In other words, our kayaks pump upto 8-12 psi and that dramatically improves its performance; making it perform like a hardshell kayak; as the most durable and reliable inflatable kayak on the water and on the market. In addition to that, we've specially reinforced the vynl with welding, and molded the V-shaped under bow and stern for additional armor front to rear. That also means enhanced rigidity, better tracking, easier paddling and greater speed. • NON SLIP DECK AND COMFORT Heat sealed non-slip deck and it also actively sheds water. Custom built in fishing pole holders, and cup holders for every seat. The seats are perforated horizontally and ergonomically built to be light in weight for speed on the water and quick and easy carrying, with steel fastening and breathable mesh design. Along the sides of our kayaks are built in bonus rings for customizing the inside deck, and pouch cargo nets along the front and rear sections for storage and extra storage. We also included our Waimea brand storage backpack to take your kayak with you anywhere and anytime. The center fin is also removable. • NON SLIP HANDS AND ADJUSTABLE Waimea non-slip means you've got a grip on the kayak itself, while gripping on the water while kayaking. Handles on the side of the kayak are non-slip and built in. The paddles are adjustable, the center fin is removable, front handles are built in, and rear handles are built in. We've made lot's of adjustments to the modern kayak so that it also adjusts to your personal kayaking experience on the water and on your way to the water. • ACTION CAMERA MOUNT AND AGILITY You can allow Waimea Bay to part of your epic kayaking experience by mounting your camera onto the action mount. That's a feature made by us but it's for you. Being able to pump up the kayak within 5 minutes, means you can set up and set down just as easily as carrying it anywhere you want to kayak. Once you're on the water, you'll have the agility to explore all of the water surfacing experiences as an adventure and at a leisure. • PUMP AND REPAIR KIT INCLUDED Dual action hand pump included, no need for charging or extra battery carrying. Repair kit included, no need to worry about going into any type of kayak world, and coming back. Accessories available for upgrade include: water cooler, electric pump, mountable 5-speed motor.